Ordering $16,000 worth of Sysco products to feed 100+ people in remote bush camps makes line cooking a 700 cover brunch look easy.  Sticking to budget, providing morale, meeting nutritional needs and generally knowing that if you forget something it isn’t a 2 minute walk to the cornerstore to pick it up are all contributing factors.

Communal trailer bunk bed sleeping and working, no running water, propane stove baked beans, hurry up and wait, awkward moments. Cool bus, McD’s wifi, changing tires, 4 wheel drive, diesel smells. Vans and trucks and buses, long johns and dogs and outside haircuts.

The treeplant cookbook- “Nobody Wants to Eat Hotdogs on Acid,” or “Big Macs and Car Snacks,” or “101 Ways to Repurpose Spaghetti Leftovers.”


Shakeapeare roles as written for Samuel L. Jackson:

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war… Mother fucker.


To be or not to be? Mother fucker.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? Motherfucker.








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